How to Help Your Car Retain Its Value

How to Help Your Car Retain Its Value

When buying a vehicle it is important to think of its future resale value. You want to be confident that when it comes time to buy a new vehicle you can sell your old one for the most money possible. All new cars depreciate the instant they are driven off the lot, but you can help minimize this loss. Adhering to the following suggestions can make a difference between getting a low-ball offer or top dollar:


As soon as you are done driving for the day, ensure your vehicle is stored in a clean, safe space. Protecting your car from damage helps to minimize depreciation.  Parking it in a home garage is ideal if there is enough room for everything else like bicycles, tools, and boxes.  Choose to store it in a spot away from heavy objects that could fall on top of your car. You also want to try and avoid parking under trees. Sap and bird droppings can stick to the paint and destroy the exterior finish of your automobile.

Think about using an auto cover to protect your car from dust and dirt. Regardless of whether you park indoors or outside, a cover helps keep your paint looking fresh and new. Taking care of your car aids in retaining its future worth.

Low Mileage

A vehicle’s mileage is very important as low mileage means less chance of wear and tear on the motor and other parts. You will have a better chance of someone feeling comfortable buying a vehicle from you knowing they can drive it many more miles before repairs are necessary. So, as much as you want to drive your vehicle everywhere, try to avoid unnecessary extra-long drives. Use GPS to avoid getting lost and adding extra miles on your journey.

Clean It

Having a clean car is important. Regular exterior and interior washes prevent spots from permanently staining the upholstery and paint. Investing in seat covers or leather protection products can keep the inside of your car looking new. Just as you want to look fabulous in your outfit, keep your vehicle looking great so others will be drawn to it and want to purchase it when you are ready to sell.

Nix Aftermarket Modifications

Are you thinking about adding premium spiked wheels to your car or giving it a funky upgrade like tinted windows? Aftermarket modifications are very “Fast and Furious” but are a huge hindrance when it comes to selling your vehicle. They are not only costly but might be illegal like that high decibel muffler or blackout window tinting. The chances of getting a buyer who wants to deal with these aftermarket effects are slim to none.

Don’t Go Crazy with Colours

Like the examples above, take time to consider the next buyer even if you are not selling your vehicle right away. You want to be able to sell your car quickly for as much money as possible. When choosing paint options, try to stick to popular colours like white, black, dark blue or grey. You want to appeal to a mass audience for an easy sale. Picking purple or lime green narrows down your resale market. Some bright colours are also more likely to be ticketed as they are easy to spot when speeding down the highway. No one wants to be popular in this sense. 😉

Ceramic Coating and 3M Vehicle Wrap

If adding anything to your car, apply a ceramic coating to the exterior. This coating acts as protection against UV rays, snow, rain, and sleet. Weather conditions vary, but with a ceramic coating, you can be confident your car can handle anything mother nature throws at it. A 3M vehicle wrap helps to repel small stones and rocks from damaging the paint. Applying a protective coating keeps your car looking great and is a plus for the second owner. This value-added product is sure to help it retain its value over time.

Regular Maintenance

Your car will stay in excellent condition if you regularly maintain it. It is important to keep it in running condition by checking it often and having it professionally serviced.

Oil Changes

Costly engine problems are often a result of low-level or dirty oil. Check to see if your dipstick is coming out clean otherwise it could be time for service.

Tire Rotation

The periodic changing of the position of your tires is needed to:

  • Reduce wear
  • Monitor tread
  • Maintain balance

These are important factors for your safety as well as a good resale feature. It is recommended to get your tires rotated every 10,000 kilometres or so.

Brake Pad Checks

Brake pads are one of the most critical components of your car. They allow you to control the speed of your vehicle and bring it safely to a stop. Worn-down brake pads can be a serious safety hazard. If you notice squeaking, the car pulling to one side, vibrations, a sticky handbrake or see a brake pad warning light, you should get the pads checked out for replacement. No one wants to buy a used car with bad brakes.


A valuable car is money in your pocket so keep your vehicle in tip-top condition if you are thinking of selling it. After signing your car over to a new owner, you can contact us at Fairley & Stevens Ford to find the next vehicle choice for your new adventures. We have many new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs to keep you smiling!