What Electric Car Options Does Ford Offer?

What Electric Car Options Does Ford Offer

The Ford brand has recently seen an explosion in partially and fully battery powered options - with more to come in the future. Ford's future is definitely electric, with many plants shifting to electric production and customers wildly excited about them. Shortly after both the F150 Lightning and the Maverick hybrid were released, Ford had to stop taking reservations as the demand far exceeded current production capacity. The Mustang Mach-E was met with similar fervor the year prior, giving a clear sense of where Ford customers' heads are at. And actually, many of the Mach-E buyers were first-time Ford customers that came from other brands!

While many more are currently rumoured, at this time, Ford offers 4 of its models with a hybrid option, 1 as a plug-in hybrid and 3 fully electric vehicles.


  • Ford Maverick (2022)
  • Ford Escape (2005-present)
  • Ford Explorer (2020-present)
  • Ford F150 (2021-present)


  • Ford Escape (2020-present)


  • Ford Mustang Mach-E (2021-present)
  • Ford F150 Lightning (2022)
  • Ford E-Transit (2022)

It's easy to see why customers are flocking to the electrified versions of their favourite Ford vehicles. The cost of charging is lower than traditional fuel sources, especially as carbon taxes are set to increase yet again in April.

Electric vehicles also require much less maintenance over the course of their life span, at least those without an engine. Not to mention, you get back a lot of cargo space when you have a battery instead of an engine, creating a "frunk" that adds to what your vehicle can carry without packing up the cabin!

To learn more about Ford's electric options and all of the ins and outs to prepare you for battery powered vehicle ownership, check out our blog section on Electric & Hybrid Vehicles.

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