Fairley & Stevens Ford Electric Hybrid Vehicles

What Electric Car Options Does Ford Offer?
While Many More Are Currently Rumored, At This Time, Ford Offers 4 Of Its Models With A Hybrid Option, 1 As A Plug-In Hybrid And 3 Fully Electric Cars. Learn More Here.


4 Key Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Electric Vehicle
Carbon Taxes, The Price Of Fuel, Global Climate Agreements, And Local Government Regulations. Is It Time To Switch To A Fully Or Partially Electric Vehicle? We Detail 4 Key Reasons That Going Electric Should Be A Consideration.


Maintaining An Electric Vehicle Is Very Different From A Gas Or Diesel Powered Vehicle. EV'S Have Fewer Moving Parts Than Vehicles With An Internal Combustion Engine, Which Means They Have A Smaller Number Of Components In Need Of Regular Checkup And Repair. Learn More Here.



How Do I Charge My Electric Vehicle?
How You Charge Your Electric Vehicle Will Depend On Which Type Of Vehicle You Have. Get The Inside Scoop On Hybrid, PHEV And EV Charging Options Here.


How Does a Hybrid Vehicle Work?
Hybrid Electric Vehicles Are Powered By An Internal Combustion Engine And An Electric Motor, Which Uses Energy Stored In Batteries. Learn More About Any Of Our Ford Hybrid Vehicle Models Or If A Hybrid Is Right For You Here.


What Is The Difference Between A Hybrid, PHEV and EV Vehicle?
What Are The Definitions and Differences Between A Hybrid, PHEV and EV Vehicle? We've Put Together The Research and Short Summary On Each With The Pros and Cons.