Ford Pro Commercial Vehicle Center

Ford Pro Commercial Vehicle Center


Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson
Fleet Manager
902-463-1220 x280


The Ford Pro Commercial Vehicle Centre is a highly accredited distinction which allows only the best Ford Dealers to go above and beyond the scope of 'everyday business' to give commercial and fleet customers a truly red carpet experience.

For over 70 years, Fairley & Stevens Ford has been providing quality customer service to HRM & surrounding areas.

Our full service set of standards includes, and is never limited to:

  • Your vehicle consultation and purchase.
  • Interior and exterior equipment upfitting: consultation, supply, and installation.
  • Priority service and repair: minimizing downtime as much as possible.
  • A full-time commercial consultant on stand-by for questions and concerns.
  • Routine maintenance programs to maximize your vehicles' efficiently and longevity.
  • The 'Peace of Mind' vehicle service programs to help you save time and expense.


Ford Pro Vehicle Centre gives Fairley & Stevens Ford access to special Ford Head Office discounting that no other 'regular' Ford store has access to. This can be a very substantial discount that's applied over and above your negotiated price and regularly advertised promotions. Any Ford store will negotiate a price and will apply the advertised promotion, but only a Ford Pro Vehicle Centre like Fairley & Stevens Ford can call Ford's Head Office's and obtain a special (and usually substantial) Ford Pro Vehicle Centre discount to be applied in addition to the rest.


Ford Pro Vehicle Centre will help to upfit your vehicle. We are able to provide you with recommendations for tooling, racks, partitions, plows and more! And even book the services for you. We handle it for you. No other 'normal' Ford store is able to provide this service as it's awarded to clients of Ford Pro Vehicle Centre .

Examples of upfitting:

  • Racks, bins and interior shelving packages
  • Ladder racks and van lining
  • Safety partitions / bulkheads
  • Dump body
  • Snow plows & salt spreaders
  • Flat decks and landscape bodies
  • Towing and recovery bodies
  • Utility bodies and cranes
  • Refrigeration bodies & systems
  • Cube van
  • Service and utility bodies
  • And more!

As a Ford Pro Commercial Vehicle Centre we're committed to the Ford Pro areas of focus:

  • Service - We understand keeping your fleet on the road is vital to your company. We offer extended service hours to support your maintenance needs.
  • Vehicles - Ford Pro CVC dealers offer market-leading work-ready commercial vehicles to suit every business need, including gas-powered and electric.
  • Financing - Ford Pro FinSimpleā„¢ helps commercial customers establish financing without the roadblocks. Ford Pro FinSimple makes vehicle leasing and purchasing easy and efficient for customers with combined billing, upfit financing, commercial lines of credit and the option to work with a finance expert. See us for further details.
  • Software - Ford Pro Intelligence3 keeps customers' fleets running smoothly with an always-on, cloud-based platform that powers a digital suite of telematics, charging and other software solutions. It combines data from vehicles, data from charging hardware, along with daily fleet activity, so customers can access information from one source that only gets smarter.
    Charging - Charging Support commercial customers' electric vehicle needs with one-stop shop charging solutions that can be implemented at both fleet depots and homes, along with access to the largest charging4 network coast to coast. Plus, you get access to a dedicated charging team to help you every step of the way.