What Ford Vehicles Feature All-Wheel Drive?

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 at 6:24 pm
2018 Ford Explorer parked with mountains in background

2018 Ford Vehicles Featuring All-Wheel Drive

Ford has many excellent performance modes and systems for you to enjoy, many of which work to keep your safer and more connected on the road! These modes include terrain selects and traction controls, offered on many vehicles, and a variety of excellent all-wheel-drive systems! These all-wheel-drive systems allow you to drive with confidence, no matter the terrain! Continue reading to learn more about what vehicles offer this excellent feature, and what types of all-wheel-drives are offered!

Ford Vehicles Featuring All-Wheel Drive

There are many vehicles in the current Ford lineup that feature all-wheel-drive, many of which are SUV or truck models with a few sedans and smaller vehicles thrown in between. Some of the models that include all-wheel-drive include:

2018 Ford Explorer driving on a road

2018 Ford Fusion parked on a road

Ford All-Wheel-Drive Systems

When it comes to all-wheel-drive, Ford doesn’t just offer a plain old system! They have many systems for you to enjoy depending on what type of vehicle you’re interested in and what terrain you’re encountering. This includes an Intelligent AWD system, which uses sensors to calculate road conditions and speed and throttle to give the best possible response and control. This system is often found on sedan models and is great for those that need excellent reactive and proactive systems, such as in rain and other conditions.

Additionally, Ford offers an Intelligent 4WD system, which offers all the smart technology of the AWD intelligent system but is designed for rougher terrain. This system will detect wheel-slip on off-surfaces such as rocks, mud, grass, or snow, adjusting power and torque as needed!

So, if you’re searching for a vehicle that offers exceptional technology when it comes to tackling rougher terrain and conditions, look no further than the Ford lineup! There are a ton of vehicles and systems to choose from! Contact us at Fairley & Stevens today to learn more!

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