How To Know It’s Time for A New Car or Truck



Owning a vehicle allows you the freedom to travel anywhere. When you need to get out of the house for a change of scenery, run errands, take a road trip, or drive someone to the hospital, the best mode of transportation is your car.  Investing in a new or used car or truck is worth every penny.


Monitoring the market for new vehicles keeps you prepared for when you need to retire your car or truck. An auto dealership is a great place to start looking. Here are the advantages of upgrading your existing vehicle and the telltale signs you…

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How to Help Your Car Retain Its Value


When buying a vehicle, it is important to think of its future resale value. You want to be confident that when it comes time to buy a new vehicle you can sell your old one for the most money possible. All new cars depreciate the instant they are driven off the lot, but you can help minimize this loss. Adhering to the following suggestions can make a difference between getting a low-ball offer or top dollar.


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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Car to A Truck?

Have you ever considered owning a truck? Reports from auto enthusiasts indicate trucks are outselling cars. Change can be great and when it comes to vehicles, going from a car to a truck can be quite an exciting venture. A truck is not just a work vehicle, it has everything your car has but with extra benefits. If you take lots of road trips and love the adventure of off-road terrain, then it might be time to purchase a truck.
Are you wondering why else it might be a good idea to upgrade your car to a truck? Here are…
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Winter Driving Safety Tips: Prepare Your Vehicle


Driving in the winter can be treacherous so it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Snow, rain, ice, and fog can cause roads to be slippery or make it difficult to see. Avoid a potential disaster by brushing up on these winter driving safety tips.
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4 Considerations You Need To Know As A First Time Car Buyer

Buying your first car is a very exciting time and the team at Fairley & Stevens Ford is so proud to be a part of that experience. That’s why we offer a $500 rebate for all of our first time buyers!
The first time you purchase a car can also be a bit nerve wracking as well. Your inexperience can cause you to wonder if you’re choosing the best options - which vehicle, purchase type, payments - for your unique situation. You may also have many questions about how financing works, if you’ll get approved and much more.
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Improving Gas Mileage In The Winter


Cold weather can wreak havoc on your gas mileage if you don’t know the best ways to improve it. And who doesn’t want to get the most out of their gas?
Maximizing gas mileage is better for the environment and keeps more cash in your wallet, especially during times of increased gas prices. It’s a win for you and for the planet!
Our top tips to improve your gas mileage in the winter
While it may not be possible to manage all factors that reduce your fuel economy in the winter, here are some tips that can…
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When Is It Time For Winter Tires?


Winter tires help with numerous functions of your vehicle in the winter and are key to safe driving in inclement weather and poor conditions. In most cases, we know the benefits of putting winter tires onto a vehicle, but it can be a bit confusing to know the best time to put your winter tires on.
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7 Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips & Checklist

Well, it’s no surprise that winter is on its way. Though it’s still been fairly warm at times, the cold and snow will be here to stay soon. And the best time to prepare your vehicle for winter driving is now, while the weather is still amenable to being outdoors for maintenance and things like snow tires are not yet needed. Nothing is worse than putting off changing your tires and getting caught in an unexpected snowfall!

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