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Improving Gas Mileage In The Winter


Cold weather can wreak havoc on your gas mileage if you don’t know the best ways to improve it. And who doesn’t want to get the most out of their gas?
Maximizing gas mileage is better for the environment and keeps more cash in your wallet, especially during times of increased gas prices. It’s a win for you and for the planet!
Our top tips to improve your gas mileage in the winter
While it may not be possible to manage all factors that reduce your fuel economy in the winter, here are some tips that can…
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When Is It Time For Winter Tires?


Winter tires help with numerous functions of your vehicle in the winter and are key to safe driving in inclement weather and poor conditions. In most cases, we know the benefits of putting winter tires onto a vehicle, but it can be a bit confusing to know the best time to put your winter tires on.
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5 Tests To Identify If You Need New Windshield Wipers

It’s very easy to forget about your windshield wipers. They are there, they work when you need them and then they disappear under your hood and you don’t give them another thought. But the summer heat can dry them out, rain and hail can cause them to overwork and get damaged and winter cold and ice can do a number on them so you do need to check in once and a while to see if new wipers are needed. A typical rule of thumb is to change your wipers every 6-12…

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Comparing All-Season vs All-Weather vs Winter Tires

There is always a bit of a debate going on whether you can get away with all season tires in the winter or if it’s a must to change them to winters. And then there are all weather tires that can provide a good middle ground depending on the weather you drive in year round.

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Winter Tires - 8 Common Questions Answered

One of the most important parts of preparing your vehicle for winter is changing over to your winter tires. This can create added tasks and expenses and let’s face it, car ownership is already a bit daunting at times, so it’s natural that there would be a lot of questions surrounding winter tires.

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