7 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Ford

7 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Ford



These days the talk in the automotive world is all around electric vehicles and the push to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles because of the sheer volume of cars and trucks that emit gases into the atmosphere around the world. In an effort to bridge the gap between the solely gas or diesel powered engines and full electric options, hybrids have hit the market hard. While our infrastructure catches up to allow for more fully electric vehicles on the roads, hybrids are a perfect in between option to save emissions while still providing the flexibility of a traditional engine. Consumers love them because they are the best of both worlds and offer numerous advantages.


What is a hybrid?


Hybrid electric vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, which uses energy stored in batteries. A hybrid electric vehicle cannot be plugged in to charge the battery. Instead, the battery is charged through regenerative braking and by the internal combustion engine.


There are also plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s) which are a hybrid electric vehicle whose battery can be recharged by plugging a charging cable into an external electric power source, in addition to internally by its on-board internal combustion engine-powered generator.


Essentially, a hybrid is the best of both worlds, using both a traditional motor and an electric motor to give you the most available options when driving them. But the best news is that Ford offers both hybrid options!


What are the advantages of buying a hybrid vehicle?


Hybrids are a relatively new addition to the automotive market in North America, and the truth is, many people don’t really understand how they work, or what the benefits are. Here is a list of seven reasons to buy a hybrid for your next vehicle!


1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


This is probably the first assumption most people make about hybrids, and it’s correct! Hybrid vehicles emit less exhaust, leading to fewer emissions. The reason for this is that hybrids use a combination of a gas-powered engine and an electric motor.


The electric motor is used whenever possible, and the engine only kicks in when it’s really needed, like when driving at faster speeds or for longer distances. The engine also shuts off when the vehicle is stopped to avoid idling, and the vehicles are usually made from lightweight materials, which means it takes less energy to run.


We all know vehicle emissions are a major contributor to air pollution, so a hybrid is a great way for you and your family to minimize this impact.


2. Save Money On Gas


As we know, hybrids use less gas, meaning you don’t have to buy as much which translates to big savings in your budget!


Gas is more expensive than ever, and the costs just keep rising. Think of how good it will feel to drive right on past the gas station when normally you would have had to stop to fill up!


3. Great City Vehicles


If most of your driving is done in the city, a hybrid will work well for you. City driving makes for ideal hybrid-driving conditions. Hybrids use regenerative braking, which means that as you use your car’s brakes, it creates and stores energy to be used for the electric motor. Essentially, braking helps the vehicle charge itself, which allows it to keep running without relying on fuel.


This ingenious engineering makes hybrids perfect for the type of stop-and-go traffic that most of us find ourselves in every day in a city. It also tends to cause less wear and tear on the brakes than a traditional vehicle, so you don’t have to replace them as often. You save money all around!


4. High Resale Value


Most vehicles depreciate quickly, especially when bought brand-new, and selling them used later on always means taking a loss. Hybrids, however, have been known to hold their value quite well due to their growing popularity.


5. Efficiency


Hybrid vehicles are all about efficiency, and many models have taken this one step further by including smart displays that help the operator drive efficiently too! These displays allow you to view your energy usage and monitor your driving so you can adjust your habits for the best efficiency.


6. Low Maintenance Costs


The cost of maintaining a hybrid vehicle has been a topic of debate for some time. Due to the newness of the technology and its unconventional parts, some have argued that the maintenance can cost owners a pretty penny.


However, now that hybrids have been around for a while, it's been found that the costs shouldn’t run you any higher than your average vehicle. In some cases, it might even cost less. Many shops now offer parts and repairs for hybrids, although these repairs aren’t often needed for a long time.


The gas-powered engine requires the same amount of care as any other vehicle, and the battery that powers the electric motor is proving to last hundreds of thousands of kilometres and are usually covered by a 10-year warranty, along with many of the other parts that make hybrids unique.


7. Great Options


Companies like Ford have recognized the increasing popularity of hybrids, and more and more models are being produced each year. From family-friendly SUVs to elegant performance models, there’s something for everyone, and we only expect to see an increase in options as time goes on. Check out the list below to find out which Ford models offer hybrid versions.


Which hybrids are available from Ford?


The Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid comes in the SE, SEL and Titanium trim levels.


The Escape Titanium is also available with an option for a 2.5L hybrid engine.


The Explorer model also has an option for a 3.3L hybrid engine.


Whether you’re looking to save the environment or just save gas money, there's a hybrid out there for you!


And because you are purchasing or leasing a vehicle in Nova Scotia, there is a rebate program available that may apply to your purchase. The Electrify Nova Scotia Rebate Program is offered through the Province of Nova Scotia, Electrify provides rebates for the purchase or lease of qualifying BEVs, PHEVs and e-bikes purchased or leased from businesses located in Nova Scotia on or after February 24, 2021.


So if you are looking for a hybrid vehicle, why not come by your Ford Dealership today to see our range of in-stock hybrid vehicles.

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