4 Reasons Why It’s Important To Fix Rock Chips Quickly

Why It's Important To Fix Rock Chips Quickly
Rock chips can be any annoying part of owning a vehicle. You’re following behind a large truck or a fluke rock pops up and chips your windshield and now you’ve got to fix it. Many people want to ignore a small rock chip in hopes that it will stay just that – small, but often they don’t and they can lead to much larger issues. Temperature changes, moisture and even flexing in your vehicle can cause a chip to become a crack and then you’re likely going to need to replace the windshield entirely. Addressing a small chip when it happens can help you to avoid replacement for a long time in many cases.

Taking care of a vehicle often means seeking proactive vehicle maintenance to ensure problems do not escalate. And while it can be desirable to avoid maintenance bills, the problems simply get worse over time if they are not addressed right away so the impact can be mitigated.

So if you’ve recently picked up a rock chip, here are some important reasons to fix it quickly.

  1. Avoid cracks – The single most important reason to fix a rock chip in your windshield is to avoid it becoming a crack that can spread across your windshield, cause safety problems and require it to be replaced.
  1. Maintain structural integrity – A cracked windshield means your safety is compromised. In the event of an accident, the glass is already fractured which means it is more likely to break causing a variety of safety concerns. Fixing a chip early on means you’re less likely to have it develop into a full scale crack that can compromise your safety behind the wheel.
  1. Better visibility – A large crack across your field of vision can cause a major reduction in visibility, especially when the sun is shining directly on it or during inclement weather. Avoid visibility issues, which worsen your ability to make the best decisions on the road, by fixing rock chips when they happen.
  1. Avoid a ticket – At a certain point, a crack in your windshield is deemed a safety hazard and a police or peace officer may issue you a ticket of up to $500 for driving with it that way. In almost every case, a rock chip repair will cost much less than a traffic ticket.

As you can see, a quick repair on your rock chips helps to maintain the safety of your vehicle and your ability to be a safe driver. It can also help you to avoid a costly ticket or windshield replacement. Pop into one of our drive in Ford Service bays today and we’ll take care of the repair for you right away!