4 Key Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Electric Vehicle

4 Key Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Electric Vehicle

The electric revolution has been slowly coming for Ford since the first Escape hybrid in 2005. Over the past few years, global climate agreements and local government regulations have caused this transition to take off at warp speed. Add in the current carbon taxes that continue to dramatically increase the price of fuel, and many consumers are now asking themselves if it's time to switch to a fully or partially electric vehicle.

While battery powered vehicles will usually require a larger upfront investment, you recoup those costs easily over the course of the time you owner the vehicle, especially if you drive it for it's whole life span.

Here are some key reasons you should consider buying an electric vehicle.

Save On Gas

Whether you purchase a hybrid, PHEV or full electric vehicle, you're still saving at the pump. The battery power offsets the fuel requirements of the vehicle and regenerative braking means you spend even less in electricity to charge your vehicle. The typical cost to fully charge a full electric vehicle is a fraction of the cost of gas or diesel, especially right now with fuel prices at an all time high.

Less Maintenance

This is a huge advantage and cost savings to owning a full electric vehicle. The maintenance is very minimal compared to a vehicle with a combustion engine. There are no oil changes, less fluid to maintain and no engine requirements at all. You will need to keep an eye on the battery, tires, air filter and brakes - that's about it!

Reduce Carbon Footprint

A hybrid vehicle uses some battery power to propel the vehicle and that power comes from regenerative braking. A plugin hybrid has a larger battery that requires external charging and is used more frequently in powering the vehicle than in a hybrid. Any time that you are using battery power to move the vehicle rather than the engine, you are saving on carbon emissions. In a fully electric vehicle there are no carbon emissions at all so your carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

Forward Thinking

Based on all current projections, battery powered is the way of the future. By purchasing an electric vehicle now, you are getting used to how things are expected to work in the long term. Adapting to plugging your vehicle in to charge, finding charging stations along your route, adjusting maintenance routines and running regular software updates are all new ways of doing things that most of us have been doing every day for most of our adult lives. Moving to a new way of thinking and doing things now prepares you for the future. It also allows you to participate in positive change for our environment.

There are many reasons to purchase an electric vehicle including those mentioned above. They also tend to be smooth riding, have better in-cabin air quality, amazing accessories and extras and honestly, they look pretty cool. Oh, and don't forget… in a fully electric vehicle you get a frunk too!

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